Arrived at Witchy around 3 pm to find Chris and Fred, Fred was packing up as he had an appointment, I could tell he was not fully commited to leaving but he had been flying.

  Chris and myself walked over to the S/W bowl to find a very light wind coming from the W/SW. A few minutes later Alex arrived and the wind had picked up a fair bit so we launched. Still of to the west ever so slightly and we could fly over the dyke onto the West element, conditions changing all the time. Gerald turned up and launched on his old wing. The fabled new wing nowhere in sight, maybe next time says Ged.

  By this time all four of us are flying about, its fairly strong at times, Alex and myself push out lifting all the time, no need to turn, we are right out over the road with good height before we find the edge, its a little bit choppy at times. Ged is gale hanging over the back at a good height but he gets forward again when it settles down a bit. Really good strong conditions and it just keeps on giving.

  Chris has a camera set up he wants to try out and Alex is first to volunteer, the thing is tied onto an upper cascade and swings about but looks safe enough for me to have a go later on, and Witchy just keeps giving, big lift band.

   Its still working really good when it just seemed that everyone had filled their boots before flying over to land by the cars to pack and chat about the flying, everyone still on a high and smiling.

   Its now 7pm and I need my tea, we all depart elated.


  • tommy followcam frame
  • alex followcam still


And now attempting to add the video..  unsuccessfully as it happens.  Here's the link anyway.