We just had a big club day out on Mountbenger. After some initial concerns about wind direction/speed we got some unexpectedly good conditions for mid-October.

Everyone got flying, and good flying at that, with some taking the height and opportunity to head over the back on an XC in the direction of Selkirk.
Those who stayed on the hill found abundant lift to well over 600ft above take off, making it easy to play the skies pushing well, well out front and all the way along the ridge from south to north and back again and again. The bowl was booming and a guaranteed lift source, so it was easy to explore far and wide as coming back low was never a problem. To make things better, the wind gradually backed from NW to SW, allowing us to explore the south westerly Eagles Nest face later on.

A good day is not just about the flying and it  was nice to see all of the contenders - XCers, soarers, partners, drivers - congregated at the Gordon Arms club house to share experiences, beer and chips. Days like this mind me why I love this sport so much.

The congregation: Linda, Emily, Dudley, Fred, Derek, Rob, Chris, Sean, Alex, DaveH

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