Qobby, Dorita, Annette and I escaped to Montenegro for a flying week at the end of the summer season.
Montenegro is relatively small country (pop 600k) trying to join the EU and competing with nearby Croatia for the tourist dollar and coming second.  The coast to the north is reasonably well developed but the rest of the country still asleep.

With regular tourist airline connections to Dubrovnik from Glasgow and Edinburgh are relatively cheap followed by a three hour, two border crossing to Budva, Montenegro.  My first experience with the package holiday (Thompsons now Tui) met expectations. Direct flights are to commence 2018.
Budva/Kotor – are the main destinations with plenty of off flying activities to entertain.
The daily flying envelope is relatively short as one needs to wait for the sea breeze to kick in around 1100 and dies about 1600.  So you are basically flying the lee side thermals.
Braijici is 15km from Buvda – 760m top to bottom.  Airspace restriction 1500m.