Well it proved a gid day oot at the little hill with big lift, For some time Jamie and myself have been exploring this site and the potential was favourable.
The past 2 or 3 weeks have been dismal to be fair and with some wing beaters defecting to foreign shores for some SIV extreme air analogy, some opportunist members viewed that it was flyable somewhere locally but with breezy conditions and lead shots around at witchie it was viewed Whita hill above Langholm was the place to gan.
Me and Ian the New Zealand cyclone arrived mid afternoon to find conditions fresh with dark sky passing through we left a car at the toons river parking area and by that time the sky's had cleared but still a fresh breeze. We laid out the gear and waited a while.
The venturi effect at top was powerful, and since oor Tommy was entertaining visitors for the day my self stepped up as wind dummy. You could feel the warm air as the sun heated the hillside and off and up i went. Normally you glide to the lower ridge but after about 20 minutes found myself at 1800 ft a bit lively at first but good when up high i drifted over to Castle hill to the right and just soared freely. Alex had arrived, Ian and him was up and flyin over the toon well across the witter when oor Jamie got there. He was just in time before the conditions dropped off a bit, with the sun getting low in the sky Alex and Jamie where soaring the hill Ian had landed, And I'm sure i could hear him shouting come down now and i will buy you pints of beer if you give me a lift back to my car. Well what an offer i was feeling a bit parched and after another couple of beats along castle hill pulled in the outer A's and wiggled my way down and landed.
What a day with great adventure we headed off to the Esk Hotel gagging for some form of liquid refreshment but quite conveniently Annette was ringing Ian while we neared the entrance to the hotel. Bloody dog fox Gerald paid again. We sat a while and smiled a while a swift half and headed our separate ways. I did a check on the lads up the hill.  Alex and Jamie they where down safe and sound as the sun set over the little big hill.     
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