Weather predictions from Auntie Beeb and Windty teased with the possibility of a little late season soaring at Witchie. Fred set his stall out early equipped with thermos and sarnies.

Most arrived around 1:00 to 1:30. Very light conditions ensued.

A pick up in the movement in the windmills and an attempt by the sun to break through hinted at a (slim) possibility of some soaring so a troop headed up Rough Knowe for a closer assessment. With minimal energy to be found in the breeze Dave H entertained with his ground handling prowess while Dudley set up ready for a forward launch.

Ruth, Graham and Fred heroically opted for keeping their kit dry and watching Dave and Dudley glide gently back to the cars.

All in all a fun chance to meet up and hone Parawaiting and Parachatting skills but limited opportunity for the keen ridge soarer.

Good to see Jed too ! Lessons learned; Remember, remember the 5th of November.




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