Sunday morning and there is talk of flying. Cloudbase is low, touching the tops, its about 10.30 am and Fiona announces she is going on a walk up Craighill with the dogs so I grab the glider and start walking. no driving as the hill sits at the back of the house, very handy.

  Arriving on top the steep face and the breeze feels great so out with the wing and of we go. Plenty of lift about so I play around for an hour doing top landings and Wagga. I relaunch and get a little height so I decide to fly down the valley a bit, very floaty and I easy make the Boston hall with lots left so I push back into wind and land as close to my house as I can.

   Dinnertime back at the house then Rob phones to say he is coming to play. Back up on top for 1.30pm with the quad for convenience. Lazy BA¬!"£$s, what can I say, I had walked it once today and its big enough. Anyway back on top and it feels a little stronger in a good way. I like a bit of wind. lift band is much further out making for a better session. we fly about for over an hour doing top landings and launching, pushing out as far as possible and then we decide to fly round and down the valley. its fine but the air is different now and the decent tone comes on to say its a crappy glide, not as good as earlier. I tuck in to another face on the way down but its getting choppy so set up to land, Rob is just behind.

    Pack up the wings, and then it starts, a light rain, good timing. of to my place 2 min away for a cup of tea.

          Pretty good really.   Tommy