A few day before me an Ian went to fly the border facing ridge but it was just a fly down Scotland in to England to much north that day. 
In years gone bye the club members would have been itching to be out in force on a May zing day fly, But our old friend the weather made choices complex.
With plenty chat the night before but still wingbeaters couldn't make up there minds where to go and they all had regrets not to have gone to tinto.
There was much talk in the morning to no avail, Myself have thought many times about this ridge and filled ma boots on the backside of the Carter bar.
I parked the car on the turn off road for Hawick and walked up the side of the wood the ridge is a lot shallower on the Hawick side of Carter hill just like oor Tommy had said,  And had to walk a fair bit down to the hill which is heavy going with deep lumpy moss. However managed to get away 2nd time in a nice constant 10 to 14 mph wind and scratched away for a while until i got some height with every beat, Played about up near a quarry and a road up to the mast it's very open out front and after a hour and half my hands gave up the ghost due to the cold wind from NW or my two pairs of gloves where just to tight.
I flew out over the plantations where i believe under the right conditions could be a great thermal source for xc, My day was done and flew in to wind and back to the car for a well earned sandwich and cup of tea.
That's all for now fans
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