Arrived at Bridend around 11am . Bit of a breeze on the loch and its NE.  Its Sunny and feels pleasant.  So I set off on my own.

  Fairly easy walk up albeit with a few rests . Wind 9n top is light NE but too light to soar. As folk appear the wind drops right off. This sometimes happens when the wind changes direction. 

  Sure enough  the wind reappears from the North , so we shuffle round a bit. Still to light to soar so we chat and ground handle the wings.

  A bit more breeze arrives but not a lot really. Rob launches and is staying up easily so we follow and yes its light but we can soar.

  A good little session takes place . I am working fairly hard to stay up . The lift seems to be very gentle and requires patience. I decide to top land.

  The guys are getting higher,  and higher. Damn and blast. Hardly any breeze on the hill , have I missed out ?.  I launch again thinking it's a trip to the bottom but wait a minute it's going up and up.

 Looking at the other guys they have specked out. The lift is super smooth and the vario is chirping away .

  I start turning in a slightly stronger bit , big wide turns. Still going up .

  Rob  Dudley and Adam are well over the back exploring the moor. 

I am at the same height now . Still going up , a look at the Skytrax  and I am passing  3000 ft. 

  Cloud iis forming behind and Dudley is in the thing playing .

Bits of cloud forming below. Nothing dodgy just cu.

  I push out wondering what is going on. After a grand little fly about I decide I am freezing and spiral down. It gets lumpy half way down.

I hang in it for a bit and resume the spiral. After an age I eventually touch down in the usual field.  It's still lifty . The loch is glass smooth , there is no wind at ground level.

  The others come in one at a time .

  It was an incredible experience especially at this time of year. I thought it would be a fly down. 

  Bridend produced the goods today. That was an experience. 

    Probably the best ever flight on Bridend. So smooth. Lift everywhere.





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