A windy day,but it was slowly dropping away so Rob,Dave Lyal and me ended up walking up Bridend at about 4.30,still blowy on the walk up and we stopped short of the top and set up for launch,we sat for a bit sucking air through teeth,or at least me and Rob were cos Daves fell out in 1937.

Rob was first to test the water properly,I had had a few low level skims,and the air was interesting.We were under cloud all the time but the airmass was that cold it was like a winters day and very unstable with some interesting climbs coupled with a decent breeze.conditions kept coming and going,most of the time it was really pleasant,with lots off good lift,both dynamic and thermic,but at times a bit strong,you could read the stronger bits coming by the loch at the bottom and the darkening sky,so we top landed for the really strong parts.

We had a grand night with a bit off everything,lift all over,it was still going strong when we pushed out for the landing field at close to 8pm.