After watching the weather on Friday and Saturday morning it looked blown out in the hills so a spontaneous decision was made to head to the dunes at Tyninghame.  The wind was forecast NE so we hoped for the best. 

Tommy arrived at the house around 11.45, 2 wings in tow just in case the conditions improved further inland. 

We arrived on the beach at Tyninghame around 1pm to see one wing soaring the dune line.   

2 Xyons were rapidly unfurled and clipped into harnesses and then the fun began.  Inflating in a pure NEasterly on the beach and kiting up the dunes soon saw us both soaring the tight liftband at no more than dune height.  A couple of beats up and down the dune line and I looked down and saw Tommy's wing draped over the fence at the top of the dunes...must be a little stronger than we thought so time to fly out front. 

Tommy untangled the wing, no damage from the barbed wire, and quickly joined me in the air. 

It really was a fun play day, lift along the entire length of the dunes from soaring 50ft in the air along the top  to scratching 6ft off the lowest save was 1ft off the beach!!. 

A couple of landings to chat to folk on the beach and then a final take off into strengthening winds.  The increased lift and use of speed bar to penetrate down the beach suggested the day may be over as the wind shifted so time for a final landing. 

All in all a great fun day and nearly 3 hours flying.


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