Neil was at the hill by 09:30 and reported it was a tad strong but flyable.

Rob and myself pondered different sites before deciding to join Neil.

When i got to take off wind was light and the sky looked good. only 3 others on the hill!

Scratchy conditions between thermals put Neil at the bottom 3 times. I had a couple of high speed landings.. before seeing Rob rock and roll and go up near the bowl. joined him and we both climbed out. max climb of 4.6m/s logged on my gps which wasn't too shabby. Didn't quite get to cloud base but gps reported 4635ft max.

Spotted a glider to the south so headed in that direction (Kenny Cooper got to moffat area) but found sink. Rob saw me sink out and flew back towards the hill (landed near dungavel?)

Neil picked me up and we gave Rob a lift up the track to the cars. Rob then got a call from kenny and did retrieve for him..

Good wee flight. just wish it was slightly more than the not quite epic 7km!


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