Tommy, Logan and Neil were tempted up jubilee cairn by the SE forecast. The forecast lied (as it seems to be doing quite regularly this year) so a top to bottom was the only option. Logan got a hint of lift on the fly down. Neil tried to connect to the same lift but misjudged where the lift was!

 Xcweather showed some ene/ne breezes on the coast so fingers were crossed for some convergance to occur at Bridgend. Rob, Dave and myself had similar thoughts.

Some short Soaring windows but no sign of the famous convergance.

A fly down and spot landing challenge was set. Logan headed for a different field completely... Neil got very close to having object fixation on a large round silage bail but swerved at the last minute.

All down safe and sound. Then retired to the tibbie shels for refreshments.

Wind seemed to be picking up too but the call of the beer was greater than the thought of the walkup!


  • 1. Dave Lyle enjoying the scenary from above
  • 2. Dave overlooking St.Marys Loch
  • 3. Tommy & Dave
  • 4. Tommy waiting for the sea breeze from on high
  • 5. Logan heading towards Tommy
  • 6. Jamie on terra firma after the flydown
  • 7. A freshly prepared landing zone
  • 8. The pub it is...