Epic flying.
must have been convergence. I think all 6 of us made it to cloud base.

And back in the real world...

Very little happening on Jubilee Cairn. A couple of thermic cycles came through whenever the sun got through to the ground but died away pretty quickly.

After much discussion about sun on the ground, improving conditions to the North, South, East and West,Dave Lyal broke the waiting cycle...something about tea at his neighbors.

We all flew down. A little smidge of rain on the way down and no lift.

After a bit more wide and varying discussions the sky looked better (in one direction) so we took a look at Cacra.

Southerly down the bottom. Land rover to take off. Unfortunatly still easterly. The southerly flow at the bottom was blamed on sun on the top drawing the breeze up the hill.

Tommy and Dudley then proved it was flyable with a fast downwind leg via the easterly face at cacra. Good to watch once the rain had stopped.

Good day out all the same.


Videos of the day

From Logan:

From Tim:


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