Forecast was looking promising so took the day off work to try to fly. As is so often the case the forecast changed at the last minute and conditions were looking a tad strong but dropping mid afternoon. 

A plan was hatched and I picked Neil up in carlisle the headed down to the lakes. Pretty windy on the way so though we'd assess the conditions then head into keswick.. Could see two gliders set out low on the hill plus someone walking down so off to s&w. 

Heard people were flying soooo back to clough to see 5 gliders in the air. Got to t.o. The walk up didn't get any better the second time in 4 days...

Steady breeze on take off. Gordie oliver was there to with the airventures crew.

Neil was first off while i faffed with harness and recovered from the walk. Straight up, then a couple of beats and onto the cliffs (wind slightly more northerly than sunday ) the cliffs acted as an elevator. 

I headed in a similar direction. Glider and harness feeling of pretty much solid.. Which is nice. 

Boated about for a while then started exploring out front. The new glider seems good in this respect. Don't seem to sink out as much as my old gliders. 

Neil played on the cliff and explored the crag behind take off. Then also tried pushing out front. it seemed to work ok in that he got back to the hill just below take off however things had dropped off so the transition to the cliffs turned into a scratching excercise rather than an escalator ride. so flew out and landed (in the right field) and I followed the him down. 

Both got about an hour of very pleasant soaring with a few ugrls and maybe a thermal or two too.