Well only three of us at Cacra this morning, Rob, Tommy and myself.

After a brief chat at the bottom of the hill about the weather and Rob scaring a telephone pole and an old dear in her car (She was using the whole road mind you), we went of up the track in Tommy's Landrover, much to my relief!!.

Conditions were good when we got to the top (10 mph). Tommy of first to test the air and then both he and Rob took off while I watched for a while to see where and how the sky gods did things. I then followed them into the air and had a nice half an hour soaring (I think). We then all landed and I got some valuable insight into weather and flying and then back into the air.

My flight  was sort and sweet with a slope landing and walk up. After another break for some food and chat the wind picked up with Tommy and myself packing up and walking down (Tommy making sure I never got lost I think),Rob flew down to the Landrover.

I really enjoyed myself  and thanks to Rob and Tommy for all their help and advice and hope I never cramped their flying to much.



Rob's video