With one day's leave left to take in 2012 and a possibly flyable forecast for the lake district meant a last minute day off and trip south with Dave Tomkins.


A wee bit snow in lockerbie before we left and pretty grey sky felt like an ominous start but as we journeyed south the sky brightened.

Got to take off just after 12 (100yrds up from the last of the Z section on the path) and pretty much just on the snow line. The wind was very light at times and non existent most of the rest of the time. We waited... then got ready. and off... well I did :-) nice running reverse launch, feet in pod eventually and then headed left to the corrie.

The forecast implied light S - SE wind but there seemed to be none of that. Got a wee bit of lift but thought it was more light rotor! in fact I think the wind was more sw'ly so in hindsight it probably was a bit of dynamic breeze but my head hadn't cottoned on to the conditions.

Landed at the foot ball field and waited for Dave.

two speed gliders and two paragliders flew down. They had walked up a different way and apparently marra (on a speed glider) had been kiting the glider at the top (maybe 200yrds further up than where we were?)

Dave had a couple of issues launching and decided to walk down. While I walked back up to the car (35min brisk walk)

A very nice day out. could have done with a bit more wind but beats working.


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