The annual wingbeat shopping trip to Keswick took place on the 15th December. 7 in attendance.

Visited the sick and the wrong.

Steve was a wee bit confused as all 7 of us trooped into the shop and started poking and proding at all the gear for sale. He provided some cups of tea which had some kind of special ingredient added that meant money was spent. Dudley and I resisted but I think the others all succumbed to the some form of shiny kit (or will have done so by the end of the year)

Resistance is futile... those skytrax gps/varios are very nice..

Then on to Keswick town centre. I think pretty much every outdoors shop or knife/axe emporium was checked out and prices compared.

The curry in the market place smelt nice but we didn't have time :-(

after several hours of shopping we all jumped back into Barry's car and headed to Langholm (via one last stop at the rhaged centre!)

Craig had sorted out a table at the legendary Douglas hotel (legendary because Tommy had failed to book a table the previous year so none of us had managed to sample it's wares)

Lots of food was consumed. Complaints were heard as we left...
"I've ate too much"
"should have gone here last year"
"Where were the Christmas crackers?"

Same again next year but might... skip the pudding

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