After a bit off a slow start I decided to drive up Craighill on the quad to see what was happening on the tops. NOWT, is the answer, not a breath, Perfect for what I had in mind.

Out comes the Little Cloud. Its not big at only 17 square mtrs. I had my lovely Kortel Kuik mk1 harness and that was it.

Rigged the thing up and forward launched over the edge. First impressions, its super fast and so agile, think about turning and its there and nicely banked up. I was a bit wary at first but after a few good swoops I felt ok. I was unsure of the glide so after a short spell in close I broke away to make the landing field, it actually has a pretty good glide and I made it with loads of height which I soon used up with some tight 360`s.

 Coming in to land was pretty fast, so I kept the speed on and converted at the last minute, lovely easy landing.

  It was such good fun I went back up for another go. A handy tool is the quad bike and driver.

  I can see how this type of glider would be great fun anywhere you could get up on to the tops easily. I really liked the experience but I can see how it could go badly wrong near the ground.



  • January 2013 - Craighill Flydown 002
  • January 2013 - Craighill Flydown 007a