And the fun begins with a decision to head up onto Jubilee Cairn to see whats happening.I manage to get the quad up that steep face on the third attempt,a bit scary.

Getting up on the top reveals a light south wind and this is a S/E face.After rolling about on the frozen ground in a deep huff I finally see Cacra in the Distance with its huge south face beckoning me over.Its only 10min away by quad bike and thats on the take off.

So of we go back down the treacherous face and drive round and up Cacra,The wind is a bit light but its coming straight up the face,and yes Tim it was cold.

 A quick rig up flying with the Impress harness and the Sigma today.Managed a scratch about and a fair bit off ground handling before setting off on the flydown.

 So nothing spectacular but it was nice to be out on the tops.


  • January 2013 - Cacra Flydown 001
  • January 2013 - Cacra Flydown 002