Well what I nice surprise having Tinto to myself, soarable for 2-3 hrs this afternoon.

On launch for noon and faffed around with tangled lines for about 45 mins (those thin lines snagg in everything it really pisses me off) Anyway once sorted I was away on a very nice soaring flight mixed in with some pleasant thermals (Was wrong about the sun it came out for a good hour if not two).

Great views but very cold (I had doubled up on jackets my Buffalo on top of a North Face Gillet) managed to get above Tinto dimple before wind increased and it got alittle gusty, looking out to the south and west it seemed that tomorrow's front was well on its way these gusts were probably pre-frontal but the pinned me to a 7 mph ground speed prior to that I was penetrating double that speed, so used some bar to get out above the trees.

The flight didn't last long as the cold drove me down to land (Fingers had gone numb). Anyway although short lived great to get out and do something. Now sat in front of fire with a cup of tea thawing out, a classic winters day.



  • Big Tinto with it's winter hat on!
  • South to Dungavel & beyond (Crawford, Moffat & Englandshire)
  • SSE to Coulter Fell & Scottish Borders