Arriving at about 11.30 at Witchie knowe , Barry and I realised there was almost no wind ,so we retired to the van for a chat and coffee. Within half an hour the grass was starting to move , so another quick check at the face showed a light breeze From the south east.

A quick call to Tommy and he was on his way to meet us.
When he arrived we decided to head up the southeasterly face, Tommy with the ultralite kit (7.5kgs), me with light kit (12.5kgs) and Barry carrying his house on his back!

When we arrived at the top there was plenty of orographic cloud forming and then disappearing. The breeze was light at best, so after a bit of trying ground handling a fly down was decided upon for a bit of fun.
The day was definitely on the wrong side of light, certainly at witchie anyway, see Seans write up for tinto. It could of been two different days !

It was nice to be out in the snow and have a wee blether. Also a realisation that witchie would be a great site for this sort of day in the borders. A flydown and walk back up and do it all again kind of day. With a 15 minute easy walk up the road to the top again all in all a bit of fun, stretch of legs, bit of a chat, and a bit of flying.
Not a total waste of time considering the general weather.


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