I was unsettled today, I knew it was too windy and I had other commitments. At the same time Rasp was hinting at flyable conditions late afternoon, and it had the Moorfoots ridge written all over it.

  At 1.45 pm I had had enough, a quick call to Rob and Dave and I was out the door. I was aiming to be on launch for 3pm. I was so hasty to leave I had no water, or phone, just a burning desire to get to the Moorfoots.

Arrived to see Rob setting up.Launch is beside the road so not much of a walk up.The wind was coming straight on to the face and it felt perfect.

After flying about at the take off area for 20 min we built up enough height to go for the ridge run. The first big transition to the big faces further along to the west of the ridge tends to be a bit shallow and it goes on for a bit. I touched down just before the first big face but kept it flying and it was no time at all before I was able to fly over the fence on to the first big face. Rob of course made a better job of it than me and did not touch at all.

When you get to this part its just a case of hopping your way along the ridge jumping gaps and gullys. It really is very satisfying to be going on a little trip along this brilliant ridge and exploring the many different faces it has to offer.

At last we reach the far end. I see Rob taking his helmet off, the camera has not been on, but he tells me its on now. So we build up our height and start back, its just a long lovely cruise back. In the distance I can make out a glider launching and as we get closer to the take off somebody else has walked in along the ridge a bit and is setting up. Its that man Dave Lyal. After shouting some abuse at him we kept going on our transition back to the start point and arrived to find another glider soaring. We boated around for another 20 min or so with Dave before calling it a day.

 I have been lucky enough to have flown this ridge a few times over the years. Todays conditions were among the best I have witnessed.


 Rob's video