I had always kind of wanted to soar the cliffs above Loch Skene, and have on a couple of occasions been nearly within spitting distance of them thermalling back from Bridgend, but never quite made it.

Saturday I arrived in Menstrie at around 10am under a totally overcast sky, not what I was expecting to find.  Gerald had already arrived and was  getting the low down   from Tommy Mooney.  Followed quickly by the arrival of Derek and Sean.  Pierre, Jan,  Robin and Roy from the Ochils club  soon arrived and with a few others we started getting packed into Roys  4x4 and made our way up to the deer fence on the side of Myreton.  From there it is a short but relatively steep walk up to Myreton takeoff. 

Busy Skies

LLSC had called the Tinto round of the Scottish Nationals for Saturday so there was the usual round of group Emails during the week wondering who would take part and what to do.  Sean said we all head for the Nationals (he had a good round a week or so ago), Dorita decided it was going to be a Broughton day so made plans to head there after curling (the game not the hair!) and would meet up with Aussie Steve with transport to the top.  A rough plan was hatched for the Border's contingent to meet at Innerleithen and then head to Broughton as well - could we cadge a lift to the top?.