A nice looking day in Ettrick today. I did some work this morning and decided to head round to Bridgend in the afternoon. I was on the top at 3pm, wind was light but stuff was coming through.Keeping an eye on the bracken down the hill to see any potential thermals coming my way it was only a matter of minutes before I could feel the wing wanting to go so of I went.

Back in May we were asked for a date to host the nationals round. I marked it on my calendar and everyone else forgot about it. So when Scott/Adrian pinged me about hosting a round I remembered the dates, passed them on and at the famous 5 day weather forecast it looked flyable. (I have a theory that the forecasts are designed to piss off flyers by always suggesting the next flyable day will be in 5 days time). We started to make a plan.

Andrew flying at bridgend

Arrived at site around 3:00 to see Chris almost ready to take off, Tommy half way up the hill with Jamie & Sean getting ready for the climb up. Just before we left Dudley arrived so we all set off together.

After a bit of a windy horrible day on Tinto yesterday, the forecast was looking a bit nicer for today. Lighter winds from the N - NE and sunshine. After the usual discussion it was decided to head for Bridgeend early afternoon for a bit of soaring. No one was really up for anything very exciting.