A big thanks to Logan and everyone. A really great afternoon repacking.

A lot of the mysteries revealed and a lot of the myths dispelled.

All help greatly received. It's really not that difficult once you have the confidence to just push on and do it.

Great mentoring from Logan and lots of helpful hands, really do make it incredibly easy.

I think it was 7 reserves unpacked , checked and repacked in about 4 hours, all with three rug rats running around waiting for the balloon model man to arrive lol, shame everyone couldn't make it ,but meant Logan wasn't ubber stressed by it all

(I don't think ,anyway ! )

Thanks to all, great afternoon even if it was effing raining and windy.

I know let's give up flying and just do repacks at the weekend ,well done all !

With grateful thanks


  • Boston hall
  • Tommy and Logan
  • borders open 97
  • dudley playing with a cats cradle
  • harness being poked at
  • harness being poked at2
  • it goes in there somehow
  • sorting the lines
  • the handle goes here
  • tim spots the camera
  • tim