Flight Logs

Where and when we've been flying


Someone said it might be worth going to Glencoe on Saturday. Probably Derek. We'll blame him as a starting point.
I've only been up that way once before. So thought... Why not.
Friday night. Checked the forecast. Westerly. WTF?
Rob's response... It's an adventure. Why not.


Woke up to a beautiful morning and what looked like a steady breeze in Innerleithen, and it looked stronger than the 6mph in the forecast.

I was willing to wait till later on to see if things improved. I then remembered we had an estate car with plenty room so I suggested a family trip to St Marys Loch for a paddle, ice-cream and hopefully a flight.

Headed up Bridgend on Thursday evening as there were rumblings on the Wingbeat email group. No-one about when I walked up but just after six when I had set out and clipped in I saw Jamie arriving at the bottom with Steven.

is it flyable?

A sunny day in lockerbie but lots of cloud development early on meant I ruled out any flying. Instead it was off to Southerness to take a picture of the lighthouse for a P1 class project. On the way back I got a text from Dave.

Jamie. Possible tandem weather this evening at dungavel. Fancy an hour or two if forecast happens?


Heading north seamed  to be a plan for a bit of outdoor stuff and a chance to fly Glencoe once again, unfortunately for some it was midweek, AH" It's a sare fake for a slice a loaf. Steve and some friends had arranged to meet at green welly for 10.20 am, so a early start was the order of the day. Loaded the van with camping gear and off i set 7.30 am did get bogged down at A720 byepass and phoned ahead to Steve the plan was still to fly Glencoe, Grrreat i thought have longed to have another go at it with a new flight path in mind after watching a Dudley video from April last year, stopped off at Callander bakery for twa pies and yin cheese scone which proved a very wise move as latter events unfold.