Flight Logs

Where and when we've been flying

Its Saturday and light winds so for ease we go to Witchyknowe. I arrive just after 12am with an unpacked glider, I dont hang about and set off with a stuffed glider and loose harness over to the S/W bowl.

   not as much South in the wind as I had expected but its good enough. Robs beat me to the launch but I beat him into the air. Feels good so the fun begins. Easy to stay up, great for wagga and top landings.

To paraphrase Arnie. I am back. End of last year was shit, quite literally, as a bug arsed my digestive tract. Went to visit a slightly new age dietitian lady at Napier center in Edinburgh and she seems to have got me sorted out.  I used to be a sceptic about these alternative therapy things, but after the hypnotherapist sorted out my smoking I am a convert. I suppose it's just 60% common sense 40% headology but it works. Anyway, I like telling people I am going to see my hypnotherapist / dietitian. It's small thing. But it amuses me.

glorious day out

New Year is the time to restart your flying as the race is on for first flight of the year. Weather has conspired against us this period with strong winds spoiling the sunny conditions....so on to Plan B - a hike around Lochcraig Head. Despite the forecasts at least two of us (TommyB, Fred, Barry, DaveH) had packed wings in car and spent much of the time on walk up discussing flying possibilities as wind seemed nowhere near the forecast speeds. Sure enough, as we neared the first summit, clouds started scudding across the sky.

Almost the end of the year and not a lot of flying recently. A weather window appeared then as normal seemed to disapear.
Stupid cheap weather!

The weather forecast was seen to be very light in most areas, but to be slightly stronger in SW of Scotland and having SE influence on the Day. It was too good a day to miss so I decided to give an old haunt being Carsphairn another shot as it’s only a one hour drive from where I am.

So I’m on site for about 12:15 parking the motor at Garryhorn’s Old Lead Mine (It’s handy if you have a 4 x 4, but my front wheel drive with a bit of ground clearance got up no trouble at all, it would have been a different issue if it had full snow cover) to make the 20 minute walk up onto Knockower hill. Reaching take off the wind strength was a little more than the expected 5/6 mph, but doable.

After a few phone calls and a head scratch over the wind strength, the decision was made to head for Ettrick Pen.

I picked up Dave who was all ready to go, apart from not being allowed out the house until he’d finished doing the washing up. 21st Century Man at his finest. We collected Tommy (late 19th Century Man at his finest) and headed into the hills.

Five fearless Wingbeat souls put on their michelin padding, braced up the balaclavas and put one leg in front of the other towards our first fly hike of the winter season. It all started innocently enough: First, an urge to get outdoors again; then, THE IDEA, followed swiftly by a plan and a call to action, duly answered by the infamous five: Barry, DaveH, Derek, Jamie, Tommy.