Neil was at the hill by 09:30 and reported it was a tad strong but flyable.

Rob and myself pondered different sites before deciding to join Neil.

After watching the weather on Friday and Saturday morning it looked blown out in the hills so a spontaneous decision was made to head to the dunes at Tyninghame.  The wind was forecast NE so we hoped for the best. 

Wanted to get out of the house so headed up to tinto for an evening walk and fly down.

xc weather suggested southerly breeze so. Wind off to SW at the bottom as I arrived. no wind as I walked up. Northerly breeze at the top!

A windy day,but it was slowly dropping away so Rob,Dave Lyal and me ended up walking up Bridend at about 4.30,still blowy on the walk up and we stopped short of the top and set up for launch,we sat for a bit sucking air through teeth,or at least me and Rob were cos Daves fell out in 1937.

Quite a long one for me yesterday as I started out for Anoch Mor at 8am looking at a nice Ayrshire sky wondering what the day would bring. The drive up was uneventful until I passed through Ranoch Moor a big black cloud loomed above me and at the Buchaille the car was hit by a large snow shower hmmmmmm! I then started to wonder whether or not I had made the best decision. Minutes later I had passed through the Coe and it definitely looked a lot better north. So I bashed on to get to Aonach Mor car park whole journey taking 2.5 hrs.

Met Mike Jardine and Grahame Saunders in the car park and learned that apparently we were not going to be alone. It ended up that a small group of SMPC, another from Highland and then there was Matt Church and Jules with 3 others from Aberdeen with Gordon Smyth and myself completing the full compliment of a mini Scottish nationals meet. When I arrived on top Trias was already out front trying to negotiate a large snow shower across the Valley.