It began like this........

Wednesday, Rasp is  5 stars saying  ‘’it’s early yet but don’t make other arrangements for Saturday’’

On Thursday ‘’get stuff for sandwiches and lots of it’’

Friday ‘’ book overnight accommodation south of the Humber’’ wow, no mucking about.

Tinto in an easterly (or even a south easterly) is never a good option, so it was a difficult decision for Tuesday. A possible option was Ettrick Pen, but as forecasts suggested wind would veer to S by early afternoon and SW by early evening we decided to head for Tinto. Another factor was the RASP thermal indicator showing it had the darkest red patches in the whole of the UK - but then again that is never correct is it? Airspace issues make heading north from Tinto complicated, but conditions seemed to suggest a triangle might be feasible down to Abington services.

Friday night was First Aid night, with Matt delivering an excellent talk with lots of common sense and practical solutions if we ever need to deliver some wilderness intervention. And for those who were getting excited by the weekend forecast, it was a chance to discuss options and hatch a plan to meet at Tommy central, leaving 10.30 sharp for Bodesbeck.

Not the best forecast for the day, but I was keen to introduce the crispy clean demo BGD Cure to the Scottish Borders weather, so headed for Witchie. It wasn't looking particularly promising on the drive over as the top of the antenna at Selkirk was in cloud!

Arrived just in time to stop a sleepy Dave H from driving off, and the two of us set up under a leaden gray sky with low clouds.