new friends..

Well I suppose it was down to me to write up the day at Witchie Knowe since it’s judged that I had the best of the day out of the five of us that flew.

A promising forecast. Thermals and light southerly breeze meant I sorted out a day off. School sports day in the morning. Paragliding in the afternoon. Sounded like a plan.

Bob Matthews, Graham Tydeman, Johni & myself headed off to Burger Van hill (Known correctly as Creag Each). Must admit there were conflicting website weather forecasts as to which direction the met wind was Bob believing it was NW and myself feeling it was more to the North.

The last month has been pretty pants weather wise. Thursday evening looked like there might be a chance for some flying as / when the wind dropped.

Parts of the country had a bit of a sea breeze but there was no sign of it (?) so we headed to Witchieknowe.