I decided to have a day away from the house today and as I was getting ready to head out Barry phoned so we agreed to meet up in Innerleithen and see what happened.

  We decided to go to Tinto and found ourselves walking up to the top take off on the North side, we arrived about 1pm.


When we were up at Witchieknowe the other day Tommy said that he wasn't so fussed about bringing in the New Year these days and wanted a quiet one. I guess it was quite quiet by the time the bells came but the build up wasn't quite what he (or Fiona) wanted...

At last a decent day, and blue sky and sunglasses, could it possibly be flyable as well....The night before spawned a little chat with claims from Jamie that it would be flyable, it just had to be.......

   We met up, or rather folk just started turning up on the top of Witchyknowe. A nice breeze from the S/W meant it was slightly of the face just in front of the cars but it was possible to fly downwind to the face that works well in this direction.

After much debate the decision was made to go to the dunes on the east coast just north of Dunbar.  The forecast was for 8-10mph NE winds so it should have been smack on the dunes.  I have visited this place many times but had not flown it as the conditions were not right. 

Stuff to do in the morning and a forecast for a strong enough breeze (NE)  meant I wasn't to sure if I would head anywhere. The breeze remained light in Lockerbie all morning so when I spoke to Stephen we though we would take a look at Shield Hill near Lochmaben.