Woke up to a beautiful morning and what looked like a steady breeze in Innerleithen, and it looked stronger than the 6mph in the forecast.

I was willing to wait till later on to see if things improved. I then remembered we had an estate car with plenty room so I suggested a family trip to St Marys Loch for a paddle, ice-cream and hopefully a flight.

Headed up Bridgend on Thursday evening as there were rumblings on the Wingbeat email group. No-one about when I walked up but just after six when I had set out and clipped in I saw Jamie arriving at the bottom with Steven.

is it flyable?

A sunny day in lockerbie but lots of cloud development early on meant I ruled out any flying. Instead it was off to Southerness to take a picture of the lighthouse for a P1 class project. On the way back I got a text from Dave.

Jamie. Possible tandem weather this evening at dungavel. Fancy an hour or two if forecast happens?