Derek showing off how well his glider and harness matches his car

Another chance at evening flying. A plan was made. Singlie with options to move on.
So... got to Singlie and Rob said it was too west.
We then parked up at Witchie and the four of us (Rob, Derek, Andrew and myself) headed up and over to Rough Knowe.

Sundhope fly down

The night before, Jamie claimed it was going to be flyable tomorrow evening. So after work I set of for Mountbenger, it was pretty windy and even seemed to be W/NW...

    It has been a good number of weeks since any flying has seemed possible so I had to tune my melted brain back into action.

   Of course..Sundhope heights, that would work so I texted Dave Lyal who was on route, we met up and spoke with Duncan the farmer " Aye nae bother"...grand.

The view from take off (spot the landing options)

After missing out on the flying opertunities during the week I was keen to get some airtime

The forecast was for westerly winds. Strongish but dropping during the evening. Some discussion on the group but no one really that keen on the conditions

Rob, Chris and megget water

The excitement of pioneering a new site had faded slightly by the time I had wheezed and gasped my way to the top of what is quite possibly the steepest grassy slope in Europe. How the heck does grass stick to a gradient like this I thought, as I executed yet another Buster Keaton arm-flailing moment, narrowly avoiding cartwheeling back down to the reservoir.