A flyable saturday. Really. Nah. Don't believe it.

Lovely morning in Lockerbie but a long list of things to be done before I could make my escape.

By 2 the sky was starting to fill in and it was a wee bit dark to the north. Rumors of showers were ignored and off to Bridgend I go.

Arrived on the top of Witchy around 4pm, Rob appeared minutes later. Rob hinted at going round to Singlie hill, the day was wearing out so we stayed.

A wander over to the S/W bowl and Rob launched into a stiff breeze, after a couple of beats he shouted down that it was lovely, thats good enough for me.

Up early for a change I made more of an effort to decide where to go, looked at the forecasts before checking alternate opinions and Eildons it was. Oops, a big group going to the little pointy Eildons and someone getting married on top that day. OK plan B. B for Broughton that is.

I do like a day that ebbs and flows and you just let it happen, and the inevitable slog up the hill became leather seats, tinted windows and traction control in what I assume is one of the Wingbeat fleet of off road rides so the first four of us arrive fresh and smiley and happy up the hill and the day is looking better than those cheap forecasts.

North or South?
It can be a bit of a dilemma where to go flying sometimes. I can go north from Lockerbie to Tinto in 40ish min or south to Clough Head in the lakes.
Sunday was a bit like that.
Choices, choices!