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Location Info:

Grid Reference :: NT 317173
OS Landranger :: 79; Hawick & Eskdale
Latitude :: 55.44500
Longitude :: -3.07960
WhatThreeWords :: builds.grills.applauded


Direction :: SSW - SE; 170 - 210degs
Best Direction :: S, SSE


ASL :: 1546ft, 417m
Top to Bottom :: 792ft, 451m

Road Access

B7009 / 709 Selkirk to Eskdalemuir road via Ettrick Bridge to Tushielaw Inn. After approximately 15.5miles take B711 road east for approximately 1 mile to base of Cacra Hill. Cacra can also be approched from the A7 west of Hawick via the B711 to Roberton


GridReference : NT 318163

WhatThreeWords : salutes.cubs.transmits

Park by the hill track just before the bridge and cattle grid. Walking access is through the gate and follow the obvious track up the hill to a second gate onto open moorland. Follow the grassy slope upwards to find a suitable take off area


GridReference : NT 317174 or NT 322171

WhatThreeWords : builds.grills.applauded

Many take off options depending on wind direction and strength


GridReference : NT 317164

WhatThreeWords : salutes.cubs.transmits

Obvious bottom landing areas at SW base of Cacra Hill close to parking area. Beware of wind funneling through valley.


Excellent site with XC potential north east down the Ettrick Valley to Selkirk and beyond or north towards Peebles. Best flown in light to moderate wind or thermic conditions when thermals are released well in front of the hill. The obvious gulley below the upper terrace acts as a thermal trigger. In a NW wind the north face can be flyable but may be turbulent.


Check NOTAM, CANP essential if flying mid week since this area is used for low flying exercises by military fast jets.

Wind may funnel through the valley so allow plenty of space for landing.

No mobile phone coverage in the valley


DO NOT land in any fields with stock or grass being grown for hay or silage.

DO NOT use during lambing season - late March to late May.

Park sensibly and do not block the access track or gates.

Do not take vehicles up the track.