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Location Info:

Grid Reference :: NT167175
OS Landranger ::
Latitude :: 55.44490
Longitude :: -3.31810
WhatThreeWords :: much.toolkit.stockpile


Direction :: NE, SSE
Best Direction :: NE


ASL :: 2627ft, 801m
Top to Bottom ::

Road Access

Walk in from the Tweedsmuir to St Mary's Loch road.
alternatively park at grey mare's tale and walk up from there.


GridReference : NT155205

WhatThreeWords : jumps.shielding.tune

Park at the side of the Tweedsmuir to St Mary's Loch road to the east of the megget stone.
take care to park in a suitable location. Do not block passing places or cattle grids.


GridReference : NT167175

WhatThreeWords : much.toolkit.stockpile

Follow the quad track up to the take off.
this is a fair walk but is worth it!
Once you've made it to the top pick a suitable place to take off.


somewhere suitable!


Rarely flown (to far to walk) but can be worth the effort.
BP cup comp has been held here and people flew to the beeftub then on to tinto.
Can be flown in the winter as part of a 'fly walk'


Big hills and remote.
Quite a walk in.
Limited mobile reception.
Check NOTAM, CANP essential if flying mid week since this area is used for low flying exercises by military fast jets.


A fly walk route can be made easier by leaving a car at the grey mare's tale parking.
Not often flown due to long walk in.