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Grid Reference :: NT 554328
OS Landranger :: 73; Peebles, Galashiels and Selkirk
Latitude :: 55.58720
Longitude :: -2.70790
WhatThreeWords :: documents.tops.drones


Direction :: NW -NNE 0-040deg
Best Direction :: N


ASL :: 1326ft, 404m
Top to Bottom :: 802ft, 244m

Road Access

In Melrose town centre turn left at the town square on the B6359, follow the road uphill until you reach the golf course. Turn left onto the access road to the club house and Dingleton Mains.


GridReference : NT546333

WhatThreeWords : jungle.fears.hardback

Park on track above Melrose Golf Club.


WhatThreeWords : documents.tops.drones

Approach take off via clearly defined track to Eildon "North" hill


GridReference : NT547334

WhatThreeWords : dustbin enough.think

Beware of power lines in the landing fields


Permission not required before use. Dynamic lift can extend to 200-300ft above take off


Check NOTAM, CANP essential if flying mid week since this area is used for low flying exercises by military fast jets.
Eildon's is used as a landmark by fast jets!


Ensure the bottom landing fields are free of livestock or crops.
If landing on the golf course beware of golfers!!