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Grid Reference :: NT 558206
OS Landranger ::
Latitude :: 55.47790
Longitude :: -2.70000
WhatThreeWords :: deranged.pulsing.shorts


Direction :: E, SE, S, SW, W, NW
Best Direction :: NW


ASL :: 907ft, 276m
Top to Bottom ::

Road Access

Approach via the A698 Kelso to Hawick road taking the B46405 towards Minto village.
Minto Hills are the obvious 'twin' hills directly to the NE of Minto village


WhatThreeWords : crusted.chitchat.commoners

Park at the base of the hill depending on wind direction.
Some of the best parking, and shortest access, is at NT 563207 by Minto golf course for SE wind directions and at NT 555201 for SW to NE wind directions.


WhatThreeWords : deranged.pulsing.shorts

Take off depends on wind directions but is anywhere suitable on the larger of the two hills


GridReference : NT 562202 (SE or S )

WhatThreeWords :

Obvious fields at base of hill on SE side towards Minto village

NT 553206
Obvious field on SW side of hill looking out towards Hawick


The original training hill and site for hang-gliding competitions in the '80's. Rarely flown these days but still an excellent site for days when the wind is 'variable'
Open in all directions with XC is possible particularly from the steeper NE side down the Teviot Valley and along the northern edge of the Cheviots towards Yetholm and Wooler....a 'cross border' route.


Check NOTAM, CANP essential if flying mid week since this area is used for low flying exercises by military fast jets.
Beware of rotor in strong conditions and flying close to the hill particularly on the NE edge.
Also be aware of pedigree bulls in the landing fields.


Do not land in fields with livestock. The hill is used for livestock grazing so best to seek permission from landowner (Deanfoot Farm - visible on map) before flying.
Use gates to access the hill, avoid climbing over fences and walls.